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Department Overview

The Department of Art & Art History, currently comprised of 26 core faculty (as well as numerous adjunct faculty and post-doctoral fellows), is an interdisciplinary department offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in art history, art practice, film studies, documentary filmmaking, and design. 

Department Chair: Alexander Nemerov
Director of Finance and Operations: Elis Imboden
Student Services Manager: Perla Miranda
Student Services Specialist: Greydon Piper
Facilities Manager: Joe Lewis

Degrees Offered

Department courses offer opportunities for students to gain enhanced understanding of the meaning and purpose of the arts, their historical development, their role in society, and their relationship to other disciplines in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences, including literature, religion, music, history, anthropology, biology, and computer science.

Work in the classroom, museum, and studio is intended to intensify visual perception of the formal and expressive means of art, to encourage insight into a variety of technical processes, and to deepen engagement with, as well as interpretation of, works of art, architecture, film, design, and visual culture.