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Honors in Art History & Film and Media Studies

Program Overview

The purpose of the Honors program is to give Art and Art History students the opportunity to extend and deepen work they have found compelling in their classes and in the process to develop original, advanced-level research and writing while working in close consultation with a member of the faculty. 

Director of Honors Program: Adam Tobin


  • Meet the GPA requirement of 3.5 cumulative and 3.5 in Art History or Film & Media Studies coursework (depending on the student's major)
  • Complete at least five Art History or Film & Media Studies courses (depending on the student's major) at Stanford by the end of their junior year.  Four must be completed by the end of Winter quarter, junior year
  • Choose a thesis advisor
  • Discuss and develop a feasible research project in coordination with a thesis advisor

Getting Started

  • Submit an AHFMS Honors Intent Form with a faculty advisor’s signature by Wednesday February 7th.
  • Write an Honors Thesis Proposal and Study Plan, outlining a proposed course schedule for the remainder of junior and senior year by March 1.  Students will draw on meetings with their thesis advisor and with the Director of the Honors Program to complete these documents. 

Honors Program Requirements

  • Enroll in ARTHIST 297 OR FILMEDIA 297 Honors Thesis Writing Courses, 10 units total (5 of these units may count towards student's concentration), over 3 quarters
  • Submit bibliography, chapters, and final thesis according to the timetable set forth below
  • Students are encouraged to apply for a research grant to help finance trips or expenses related to research for their Honors Thesis

Additional Resources

Helpful Information for Honors Students
Getting Started on the Honors Proposal
Guidelines for Writing an Honors Proposal
Honors Timeline and Details

Junior Year

Early January

Meet with a potential thesis advisor, and Director of Honors Program, Adam Tobin    

February 9th

Intent Form Due  (signed by thesis advisor)    

March 1

Honors Thesis Proposal and Study Plan Due    

Early March

UAR Major Grant Proposal Due    

Mid May

Student notified of acceptance into the Honors Program    

May 15

Meet with Director of the Honors Program and thesis advisor to discuss thesis and summer research plans    


Library Workshop: Advanced Research and Reference Tools                  

End of May

Student meets with advisor to review and confirm Student-Advisor Agreement for thesis plan    

Senior Year

Early September

Bing Honors College (3 weeks)

Autumn Week 1

Enroll in honors units; Meet with Director of the Honors Program and thesis advisor to discuss guidelines, expectations, and timeline    

Autumn* Week 4

Submit annotated bibliography and outline/project narrative

Autumn* Week 6

First chapter due (approximately 20 pages)    

Winter* Week 2

Second chapter due (approximately 20 pages)    

Winter* Week 6

Third chapter due (approximately 20 pages)    

Spring* Week 1

Introduction, conclusion, and bibliography due (approximately 10 pages)    


First Full Draft Due

May 1

Final thesis due (50-60 pages)

3 hard copies (advisor, second faculty reader, and administration)


Presentation and celebration of completed honors theses    

*Chapter deadlines autumn/winter quarters to be decided between student and advisor.