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Art Grants

Department Grants

Limited GRANTS are available in the Department for students enrolled in our courses.  Proposals must be submitted ONLINE by the final study list deadline.

Art Practice Materials Grant

Awarded on a competitive basis, these grants are intended to pay the direct costs of materials for students enrolled in Independent Study and who undertake independent creative projects on an advanced level.  Materials grants cannot be used towards supplies for classes.
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Stanford Grants

Both Stanford Arts and The Undergraduate Advising and Research Office offers several grants students can use towards art and film related research and projects.  Grant types are below:   

Small Grants

Small Grants of up to $1500 maximum support smaller independent projects, and can also be used to enable a particular phase of a larger-scale effort. Application deadlines are found throughout the year, making the Small Grant especially flexible.

Major Grants

Major Grants provide a 10-week stipend of $6400 in support of full-time immersive summer project commitments. Most Major Grants are awarded to students beginning an honors thesis, a senior project in the arts, or senior synthesis project between their junior and senior years.

Chappell Lougee Scholarships

Chappell Lougee Scholarships provide a 10-week stipend of $6400 for sophomores pursuing full-time immersive summer projects in the humanities, creative arts, and qualitative social sciences.

Conference Grants

Conference Grants of up to $1500 support students who have been accepted to present their own project results at a professional or scholarly conference.

VIce President for the Arts (VPA) Student Arts Grants

For undergraduate and co-term students. Only collaborative projects are eligible and must culminate in an on-campus event such as an exhibition, live performance, film screening, concert, etc. Projects must be extra-curricular, and not related to coursework, degrees, or senior honors thesis. Funding is not intended for travel or lodging expenses or for major equipment purchases. Funding does not pay for stipends or hiring professionals. Awards are made up to $500-$1,000 per project (depending on group size).