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Peer Advisor Program

A peer advisor from each program is selected every year to serve as a mentor, tutor, and resource to undergraduates in the department.

They are aware of the requirements of the department, as well as other University resources, and hold office hours in Room 355 (3rd Floor) of the McMurtry Building.  In addition to advising undergraduates and answering questions from prospective students, they plan events and workshops with the Undergraduate Coordinator to promote greater interaction among students in the department.

Peer Advisors 2017-18:

Reilly Clark, Art History, Class of 2019

  • Office Hours: Thursdays, 3:00pm to 5:00pm or by appointment
  • Location: McMurtry 355 (3rd floor)
  • Email:
  • Bio: Reilly is a junior majoring in art history with a focus on indigenous studies.  He also studies medieval art as a co-term in Art History.  In addition to academics, Reilly can speak to professional development in the arts.  He presides over the Professional Art Society of Stanford and has worked at the Cantor, Christie's Auction House, Museum of Biblical Art and National Center for Jewish Art.

Nora Wheat, Art Practice, Class of 2018

  • Office Hours: Wednesdays, 1:00pm to 3:00pm or by appointment
  • Location: McMurtry 355 (3rd floor)
  • Email:
  • Bio: Nora is a senior Art Practice major originally from the Washington, DC area. Having grown up in the Smithsonian museums, she has always loved museums, art and learning. Nora hopes to one day make art professionally, or direct a museum or gallery. In her free time, Nora enjoys searching for new and interesting art, meeting new people, and watching cartoons.

Carlos Valladares, Film & Media Studies, Class of 2018

  • Office Hours: Thursdays 1:00pm to 3:00pm or by appointment
  • Location: McMurtry 355 (3rd floor)
  • Email:
  • Bio: Carlos is a senior double majoring in American Studies and Film & Media Studies. This summer Carlos was a staff arts writer for the San Francisco Chronicle; last year, he was the managing editor of Arts and Life for the Stanford Daily. He loves social dance, the beatles, and classic Hollywood. You can usually catch him at a Stanford Theater double feature. (Don't delay; go today!!)