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Peer Advisor Program

A peer advisor from each program is selected every year to serve as a mentor, tutor, and resource to undergraduates in the department.

They are aware of the requirements of the department, as well as other University resources, and hold office hours in Room 355 (3rd Floor) of the McMurtry Building.  In addition to advising undergraduates and answering questions from prospective students, they plan events and workshops with the Undergraduate Coordinator to promote greater interaction among students in the department.

Peer Advisors 2018-2019:  

Ali Vaughan, Art History, Class of 2019

  • Office Hours: Mondays, 11:30am-1:30pm or by appointment
  • Location: McMurtry 355 (3rd floor)
  • Email:
  • Bio: Ali Vaughan is a senior double majoring in Art History and Art Practice (she knows her way around McMurtry). She is particularly interested in contemporary art and cultural criticism, cultural memory, 20th century art, and artists who write. As a practicing artist, she has shown work in locations around the Bay Area, including the de Young Museum and the Stanford Art Gallery, and is currently working on an honors exhibition for Art Practice. She believes that art history students should take more art practice classes, and vice versa. If you want tips on what to see and where to go for local art, she is a good person to ask. 

Vivienne Le, Art Practice, Class of 2019

  • Office Hours: Tuesdays, 4-6pm or by appointment
  • Location: McMurtry 355 (3rd floor)
  • Email:
  • Bio: Vivienne Le is a senior in Art Practice, currently working on her honors thesis exhibition. She is an interdisciplinary artist between painting, performance and photography that explores the poetic, queer gestures of life in a time of political, environmental crisis. An avid reader of 20th century art history/theory, philosophy, queer literature, fiction and poetry, she embraces new ideas with a cautious eye. For appointments outside of office hours, she can be reached by email.

Jack Virnich, Film & Media Studies, Class of 2019

  • Office Hours: Fridays, 1-3pm or by appointment
  • Location: McMurtry 355 (3rd floor)
  • Email:
  • Bio: Jack Virnich is a senior majoring in Film and Media Studies. He is particularly interested in Experimental, Cult, and Horror Film and is most familiar with the Cinema of Japan. He has also done quite a bit of film making on campus and in the Bay Area, participating in numerous 48 hour film competitions. Jack is very interested in the way that theory informs practice and often takes this same approach when making his own films.