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Peer Advisor Program

A peer advisor from each program is selected every year to serve as a mentor, tutor, and resource to undergraduates in the department.

They are aware of the requirements of the department, as well as other University resources, and hold office hours in Room 355 (3rd Floor) of the McMurtry Building.  In addition to advising undergraduates and answering questions from prospective students, they plan events and workshops with the Undergraduate Coordinator to promote greater interaction among students in the department.

2019-20 Peer Advisors:   

Ekalan Hou, Art History

  • Office Hours: Friday, 11-1pm or by appointment
  • Location: McMurtry 355 (3rd floor)
  • Email:
  • Bio: Ekalan Hou is a sophomore double majoring in Art History and English Literature. She is enchanted by artworks from the Florentine Renaissance, surrealist paintings by Max Ernst and Leonora Carringon, and interdisciplinary intersections between images and words, such as Jess’ collages, Julie Chen’s artist books, or Virginia Woolf’s photographs in Orlando. She would love to talk to you about current or past exhibitions at Bay Area museums, art historical research, or Art History classes that you are taking or would like to take! 

Cathy Yang, Art Practice

  • Office Hours: Wednesday, 1-3pm or by appointment
  • Location: McMurtry 355 (3rd floor)
  • Email:
  • Bio: Cathy Yang is a senior majoring in Art Practice and minoring in East Asian Studies. Working in painting and printmaking, she seeks to capture nuanced emotions through the physical act of image-making. Her work examines the human figure in relation to identity, community, and individual alienation in an increasingly connected world.  Born and raised in Beijing, China, Cathy is inspired Chinese cinema, cross-cultural exchange, and the resilience of immigrant families. Feel free to ask Cathy about her honors thesis, art grants and resources, and her favorite napping spots in McMurtry. 

 Hamza Zahurullah, Film & Media Studies

  • Office Hours: Fridays, 2:30-4:30pm or by appointment
  • Location: McMurtry 355 (3rd floor)
  • Email:
  • Bio: Hamza Zahurullah is a senior majoring in Film and Media Studies.  His is interested in film editing, underappreciated genres (science fiction, horror, crime drama), and the history of race, religion, and anti-colonialism in cinema.  He is currently working on an honors thesis on Edgar Wright’s Three Flavors Cornetto trilogy and serving as one of two co-presidents of the Stanford Film Society.  He believes that students should be taught about the language and process of filmmaking starting in elementary school, and laments that this is not currently the case.