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Museum of the Revolution

Documentary Film and Video
June, 2014


In 1961 a daring design by architect and artist Vjenceslav Richter was chosen for what was meant to be one of the most prominent buildings of socialist Yugoslavia: the Museum of the Revolution in New Belgrade. In his project exposé, Richter stated that the purpose of this museum was "to safeguard the truth about us".
Over decades, changes of site, financing and legislature led to delays and the eventual abandonment of the ambitious project. The labyrinthine underground level of the Museum remains, now home to several dozens of people, tucked in between government buildings and the largest shopping center in the Balkans.
The basement becomes a camera obscura, in a perverse way fulfilling Richter's task of keeping “the truth about us". Echoes of the city reverberate through the vast dark corridors. Every evening an old lady lights a fire, as if she were its sole keeper.

Awards, Festivals, and Screenings

2014 Venice Biennale of Architecture
2015 Artists' Film International - Whitechapel Gallery, London