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Tanya Sleiman

Tanya Sleiman

Documentary Film and Video


Tanya Sleiman comes to documentary after a career in education, supporting international students and creating intercultural student programs. She is interested in stories of cultures meeting and transforming. She is drawn to character portraits and visual essays, and is pursuing the broad documentary genre for its ability to create visual poetry by observing beauty in the ordinary aspects of our worlds. Tanya has an academic background in Middle East Studies and History, and earned a Fulbright Scholarship in Arabic language and literature for studies in Damascus, Syria.


Enersen Foundation Production Grant, 2009
Fledgling Fund Fellowship for the Robert Flaherty International Film Seminar, 2008
Student Symposium Fellow, Telluride Film Festival, 2008

Iraq in the USA 

hd video
JUNE, 2009
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A vibrant collective portrait of ordinary Iraqis navigating extraordinary transition while creating new lives as refugees in strange lands.

A Chronicle of Concrete 

16mm color film
JUNE, 2008
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Tracing cement from its birth deep in the bowels of the earth, this visual essay takes a fresh look at cement, transforming an otherwise ordinary part of our world that is so ubiquitous, we almost don't see it.

Awards, Festivals, and Screenings

Winner: Best Cinematography Individual Excellence Award, Stanford Student Film Festival, 2009
Strasbourg International Film Festival, France, 2009
Rooftop Films, New York City, 2009
Reel 13, PBS Affiliate - New York City, 2009

pillow fight club 

digital video
Co-directed by Jeffrey Seth Colen
MARCH, 2008

Thousands of people converge to pummel each other with overstuffed pillows on Valentine's Day in a flash mob. This film explores this widespread counter-culture phenomenon happening in urban settings worldwide.

If No War? 

16mm black and white film

A meditation on strength and companionship explored through the life story of Yoshi, a 30-year California resident born in pre-WWII Japan.

Awards, Festivals, and Screenings

Winner: Best Documentary, Stanford Student Film Festival, 2009
Sacramento Film & Music Festival, 2009
Skidmore International Student Film Festival, 2008
Northern California Film Festival, 2008
Toronto Student Shorts Film Festival, 2008
San Diego Women's Film Festival, 2008
Austin Asian America Film Festival, 2008
New Filmmakers at Anthology Film Archives, 2009



June 13, 2009

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June 10, 2008

Free and open to the public

Cubberley Auditorium
March 18, 2008

Free and open to the public.

December 11, 2007

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