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Kristin Pichaske

Kristin Pichaske

Documentary Film and Video


Kristin Pichaske received her BA in Communications and Journalism from Northwestern University in 1994. Since then, she has worked as a political press secretary, speech writer, media relations consultant and dancer. She has also directed and produced a variety of television and video pieces including an Emmy award-winning documentary about teenage substance abuse in middle America.


Enersen Foundation Production Grant, 2002
Stan Bohrman Memorial Scholarship, 2002
Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Scholarship, 2001
Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Scholarship, 2000

Guguletu Ballet

digital video

JUNE, 2002
Seven years after South Africa's first democratic election, the townships surrounding Cape Town remain full of crime, poverty and hopelessness. But a unique program is helping local youths tackle these challenges -- one dance class at a time. Founded 10 years ago, Dance for All has given thousands of underprivileged township students the rare opportunity to study classical ballet. In communities where ballet was unheard of just a few years ago, children now flock to class -- hungry for anything to do in a world where playing fields, swimming pools and extracurricular activities are rare at best. The program has had a profound impact on their lives, offering not only dance skills but life skills, discipline, and hope. Guguletu Ballet profiles several extraordinary individuals behind the Dance for All program - from prima ballerinas who retired from the international stage to teach in the townships, to students who are overcoming great odds. Along the way, it will provide a rare glimpse at township life, the continuing struggles of black South African youth, and some accomplishments that inspire optimism for the future.

Awards, Festivals, and Screenings

Second Place, Student Emmy Award, 2003
Dore Schary Award, 2004
Prosperity Media Award, 2004
Finalist, Angelus Award, 2003
Best Short Film, Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival, 2003
Special Jury Citation, Toronto Moving Picture Festival, 2003
Special Jury Citation, Reeldance Film Festival, 2003
Fort Lauderdale Int'l Film Festival, 2003
Chicago Int'l Documentary Festival, 2003
Mill Valley Film Festival, 2003
Women in the Director's Chair, 2003
Angelus Awards Film Festival, 2003
Denver Pan African Film Festival, 2003
Cambridge Pan African Film Festival, 2003
Oakland International Film Festival, 2003
American Dance Festival, 2003
Dance on Camera Film Festival, 2003
Danscreen, Athens, 2003
Dance on Screen Festival, UK, 2003
Sacramento Film & Music Festival, 2003

Teatro Roots

16mm color film

JUNE, 2001
A father and son reflect on the origins of the family business -- a theater company that emerged from a labor strike, grew to achieve commercial success and remains true to its roots.

Awards, Festivals, and Screenings

EMPA Work Life Award, Ann Arbor Film Festival, 2003
Traveling Festival Selection, Ann Arbor Film Festival, 2003
Los Angeles Int'l Short Film Festival, 2003
San Diego Latino Film Festival, 2002
Chicago Latino Film Festival, 2003
Women in the Director's Chair, 2003
Juror's Award for Best Film, Portland International Short Short Film Festival, 2002
Madcat Women's Film Festival, 2003
Ajijic Festival de Cine, 2002
Nextframe Film Festival, 2002

High Art

digital video

Co-directed by David Kneebone
MARCH, 2001
High Art profiles a troupe of aerial dancers who perform while suspended from cliffs, skyscrapers and other vertical surfaces. A glimpse inside the creative and political mindset of these unique performers reveals a deeper message about nature and culture.

Awards, Festivals, and Screenings

Flicker Festival, 2001

Different Spokes

16mm black and white film

Different Spokes is a portrait of a cycling activist who makes his living providing valet parking for bicycles. While providing a window into the quirky but sensible car-free life of one individual, the film challenges the notion that the automobile is an indispensable component of the American Dream.

Awards, Festivals, and Screenings

Best Documentary, Flicker Film Fest, 2001
Berkeley Bicycle Coalition Festival, 2001