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Karen Lefcourt

Karen Lefcourt

Documentary Film and Video


Karen moved to the Stanford Program from New York where she had been doing psychological research at The Psychiatric Institute and assisting documentary filmmaker Liz Garbus on two films about juvenile justice. Just before leaving New York, she was the assistant editor for a PBS documentary on the history of African-American dance.

On the Road with Temple

digital video

JUNE, 2002

On the Road with Temple is a 20-minute film that follows Dr. Temple Grandin as she travels around the country. Temple has autism and is one of the leading designers of cattle slaughter facilities in the country. Her Autism has uniquely contributed to her success in understanding animal behavior. Stories about her have appeared in The New Yorker, Time Magazine and on NPR. The film is an intimate road portrait of Temple and her tales of autism and cattle slaughter. On the Road with Temple explores the ways in which our hardwiring contributes to our shaping and understanding of the world. Areas particularly affected by autism are reactions to visual, aural and tactile stimulation; communication; social interaction; and attachment.


16mm color film

JUNE, 2001

Collision explores how role-play, performance, simulation, and fear are being used on a large scale to mobilize high school communities against drunk driving.

Lucid Nights

digital video

Co-directed by Renee Fischer
MARCH, 2001
Lucid Nights explores the state of consciousness known as lucid dreaming, when a person is aware he is dreaming - while he is dreaming - and can make active choices and direct his dream as a result.

Super Lotto Plus

16mm black and white film


Super Lotto Plus explores the American dream of winning the lottery. The film combines visual images of lotto advertising, lotto play, and lotto dreams, with the voices of lotto losers and winners. Super Lotto Plus questions the role of lotto in the dream of striking it rich.