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Jun Bae

Jun Bae

Documentary Film and Video
MFA Stanford University 2019


Jun Bae is a Tokyo-born Korean multimedia artist. During his undergraduate architecture program at Washington University in St. Louis, he developed his first feature length documentary Bob's Tour - Understanding What We See and short film Exodus (2016) in response to the unrest in Ferguson. Exodus, which focuses on the issues of eminent domain and housing inequality received the Vital Perspective Award from Cinema St. Louis.

Turf Nation

HD video
June, 2019
Video Duration: 13:10 min.

Turfing is an Oakland-born dance form that combines roots in gang culture with elements of tutting, gliding and bone breaking. Turf Nation follows the street dancers' lifestyle as told through their daily train shows and their own directed short films.

The Honest Kidz

HD video
June, 2018
Video Duration: 7:50 min.

An introspection of breaking culture and freedom of movement featuring East Side Union.

One Breath

HD video
Co-directed by Whitney Legge
March, 2018
Video Duration: 7:12 min.
A cinematic immersion into the Pacific Ocean with spearfisher, Lindsey Walicek.

Por lxs que estan aqui (For those who are here)

16mm Black & White Film
December, 2017
Video Duration: 5:35 min.


Through poetry, Alejandro expresses his emotions of being separated from his two younger brothers in Guanajuato.



June 15, 2019
Cubberley Auditorium
June 14, 2018

Free and open to the public.

Cubberley Auditorium
March 20, 2018

Free and open to the public.

Cubberley Auditorium
December 12, 2017

Free and open to the public.

Cubberley Auditorium


February 20, 2018 to March 2, 2018
McMurtry Building; Gunn Foyer and Miller Discussion Space