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Julia Mendoza Friedman

Graduation Year

Julia Mendoza Friedman (she/her) is a documentary filmmaker originally from Boston, MA.

She graduated from Florida State University’s film school in 2015. For a few years, she worked as a director’s assistant in film and television before upping the ante to progressive electoral politics as a video producer with an emphasis on LATAM messaging. She has bopped around between New York, Puerto Rico, and Miami, with a brief stint in D.C. 

Her first short film, Mi Fango, Mi Cerro (2019) focuses on a Puerto Rican engagement artist who labored for over a decade to paint an entire rural community green. Her second short film, A Nice Little Film About A Nice Little Death (2021) is a personal film about two intergenerational family deaths that happened at the same time. Her documentary work has screened at Sidewalk, Miami Slamdance, Rooftop Films, PBS, and Short of the Week. 

At Stanford, she looks forward to using filmmaking to explore the relationship between memory, land, diaspora, architecture as it influences behavior, and the political landscape as an absolute comedy of errors. Most of all, she looks forward to learning about and experimenting with the vast visual languages available to her. 

Instagram: @_pachupi


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