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Stanford collaborators fuse cutting-edge art with research-grade science

Faculty members Michael St. Clair, left, and Camille Utterback work with dancers on a project building on the technology of 'dance Spectroscopy.'

L.A. Cicero
Sep 5 2014

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Art Practice

dS, short for danceroom Spectroscopy, is the world's first large-scale, interactive molecular physics experience, and it was created by scholar, scientist and artist David Glowacki, a Royal Society research fellow at the University of Bristol, presently in residence at Stanford.

Glowacki is exhibiting an interactive installation based on his dS project at the Stanford Art Gallery this month. He is also collaborating with artistCamille Utterback, an assistant professor of art and art history, and composer and sound engineer Michael St. Clair, a lecturer in the Department of Theater and Performance Studies, to extend the system for a dance production at the Cowell Theater in San Francisco in this month.