Kim Anno, Holt Visiting Artist: Spectacle of Nature

Thu September 29th 2022, 11:00am - Fri December 9th 2022, 5:00pm
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Department of Art & Art History
McMurtry Building 355 Roth Way, Stanford, CA, 94305 Coulter Art Gallery

Spectacle of Nature is a solo exhibition by Kim Anno, of a large-scale video installation, sculpture, and paintings. Anno is an interdisciplinary artist and filmmaker exhibiting and screening internationally. The center of her work grapples witha poetic gesture of both loss and hope in the midst of the Anthropocene era. The exhibition presents a large-scale video installation that is akin to a proscenium that is falling apart, in the spirit of Bertholt Brecht. She has made a black and white animation in collaboration with artist Charles Woodman that depicts a floating abstraction set to an adaption of Dante’s Canto onefrom Purgatorio. Anno adapted the script by secularizing Dante’s poem and crafting one with environmental concerns. Anno has long been concerned with rearranging iconic Western texts to reconfigure new meaning. These paintings collage images from UC Berkeley’s butterfly lab, 18-19th century steel engravings of animals and landscape and taxonomy. She leaves us to wonder where the tyranny of the picturesque begins and ends.

Exhibition on display in the Coulter Gallery and Gunn Foyer: September 27th through December 9th, 2022

Reception: October 13th, 4-6pm, with performance by Lux Interna

Lux Interna:  Apocalyptic Americana for apocalyptic times. Interweaving elements of folk, textured soundscapes, heavy drone, and postpunk, LuxInterna combines songwriting and live performance with multimedia experimentation.

Curated by: Gabriel Harrison