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2010 Fall MFA Documentary Film Screening

Tuesday, December 7, 2010 - 7:30pm

Free and open to the public



Screening of eight short films created by first year students in the MFA Program in Documentary Film and Video.  Q&A with filmmakers and reception to follow.










by Paul Meyers
Discarded pens take on new life in this portrait of artist and designer Costas Schuler.


American Football

by Duygu Eruçman
Through reflections about American football, the film explores how the game becomes a space for experiencing American culture.


The Diner

by Adam J. Smith
Clientele of the St. Francis Fountain in San Francisco explore the nostalgia associated with one of the city's oldest diners.

Legitimate Fighter

by Paul Donatelli
A portrait of a retired professional boxer as he reflects on his life and career through poetry he has written.


Still in Motion

by Anna Moot-Levin
Using innovative approaches to improve his agility, Telemachus Clay fights to stay active and independent as he loses control over his body to Parkinson's disease.

Lady Razorbacks

by Laura Green
This team portrait looks at Polynesian women in East Palo Alto who find community through rugby.

Life Size

by Sara Mott
Shellie has spent the past thirty years constructing an ideal life for herself. Life Size explores the surprising ways in which Shellie's world writ small measures up to everyday reality.

Back to Land

by Tijana Petrović
A meditation on the sight of a blue whale beached on a California shore. The film observes the onlookers and the nature of their looking.