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2008 MFA Thesis Documentary Film Screening

Saturday, June 14, 2008 - 2:00pm

Free and open to the public



Screening of short thesis films by the MFA Documentary Film and Video students in the Department of Art & Art History.

Reception to follow immediately at the Cubberley Lobby.







Frontier Youth

by John Kane

Ray, Ariel, and Alondra are young people growing up in Douglas, Arizona, and Agua Prieta, Mexico, two neighboring border towns marked by high levels of border security and undocumented migration. Through their perspectives, the film explores the meanings of the border and the complexities of young adulthood on each side.

In Suspension

by Emmanuel Dayan

In a neo-natal intensive care unit, a chaplain, a mother, a nurse, and a psychologist spend their days and nights around tiny babies whose lives are never taken for granted. When babies are so tiny they can barely open their eyes, when human contact gives in to technological and medical imperatives, when death sometimes becomes the best end to a sickly life, little rituals and gestures become essential in maintaining sanity.

Under A Storybook Sky

by May Lin Au Yong

An exploration of the space between reality and make-believe, the film peers into the curious charm of America's oldest storybook theme park- Oakland's Children's Fairyland, through the eyes of its best volunteer, 9-year-old Melyssa.

Operation Falcon

by Tim O'Hara

Since the war began in 2003, over 7,000 Iraqi citizens have served the United States as interpreters. Though these Iraqis now face insurgent retaliation, the U.S. is doing little to protect them. Watch from both sides as a U.S. Marine does everything he can to help his former 'terp' escape danger.

Dear Angela

by Evan Briggs

Angela is a 40 year old mother of two living in Pasadena, California. Jacki is a 40 year old mother of seven serving a 40 year prison sentence in Gatesville, Texas. Through a unique prison pen pal program these two women forge an unlikely friendship, finding common ground in their tragic pasts.

Imitating Life

by Kelcey Edwards

A playful, essayistic look at camouflage in its many guises. This film burrows a wormhole through the seemingly unconnected realms of fashion, nature, military, and art.

Nutkin's Last Stand

by Nicholas Berger

Something is rotten in England. A plague of North American gray squirrels is threatening the beloved native red squirrel. This has triggered outrage among many Britons and a wide range of organizations and individuals have stepped forward to take up the red squirrel's cause.

The First Kid to Learn English From Mexico

by Peter Jordan

9-year-old Pedro's reluctant journey through elementary school in pursuit of the American Dream, which he better describes as a "nightmare." Confused by the seemingly contradictory forces of love and punishment that adults impose on him, Pedro forces these same conditions upon unsuspecting animals he encounters along his way.