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2008 Fall MFA Documentary Film Screening

Tuesday, December 9, 2008 - 7:30pm

Free and open to the public




The Film and Media Studies Program in the Department of Art & Art History presents Documentary - 2010 Collection v.1, 8 short films in 16mm B&W created by first year MFA students in documentary film and video.

Q&A and reception will follow.






Second Hand Dolls

by Anthony Weeks

Through the stories of a 70-year-old ballet dancer and a woman who sells and rents used mannequins, Second Hand Dolls rewrites conventional assumptions about vibrancy and purpose across the life span. The film celebrates the visibility, beauty, and renewal of women's bodies and spirits while interrogating the wastefulness of a throwaway culture beholden to novelty, youth, the whims of fashion, and consumption.

3 Wishes

by Alaa eldin El Dajani

With some parents becoming distrustful of public schools, they are turning towards the tutoring of their own children. An 11 year old home-schooled boy talks about how he spends his time and what it is like to have parents who are also his teachers.

Looking Back

by Emile Bokaer

Like many in his community at the Irvin Goodwin Center for Homeless Veterans, Albert Lewis struggles with addiction and with his memories of war. In this community, veterans understand and support one another. For Albert, taking photographs is a way to appreciate others and to be appreciated himself.

Lone Wolf

by Jason Sussberg

A profile of activist and journalist Josh Wolf. Lone Wolf examines Josh's current job as a Palo Alto Daily Post reporter and his past as a jailed blogger who struggled to get the media establishment to acknowledge that he is a legit journalist.

Garden of Innocence

by Carolina Kondo

Garden of Innocence is a portrait of Elissa, who attempts to amend rejection and abandonment, establishing relationships with those who met a lonely end early in life.

Close to Home

by Theodore Rigby

A film about a father searching for the murderer of his son, and a daughter looking for the father that she once had.

Dark Light

by David Alvarado

An out-patient eating disorder program in Northern California uses drama with women who have eating disorders so that they may better understand themselves and express their plight. The story is told by Carol Dietrich, a woman with a passion for the program.

Syndirella and the Lipstick Conspiracy

by Maria Fortiz-Morse

Motivated by the opportunity to become the new drummer for the band 'Lipstick Conspiracy', Syndirella Heart moves to San Francisco and comes out as a transgender woman. This film offers an intimate glimpse into the life of a T-girl drummer as she begins her transition from masculine to feminine.