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Flourish, interactive installation (detail)

Art Practice
August, 2013


Flourish is a 70-foot long site-specific artwork commissioned for an executive corridor in Boston, Massachusetts. This unique piece combines Utterback’s signature interactive installation work with a new display method – projection onto multiple layers of custom glazed and sandblasted glass.

Flourish consists of seven double-layered 5 by 8 foot glass panels, three of which are interactive. As viewers walk by the interactive panels, projected elements that correspond to the glass design react to viewers’ presence and location – colors splash across the background, a tree grows leaves, or releases them to float on the wind. 

To create the glass panels for Flourish, Utterback experimented and worked extensively with historic glass fabricator Franz Mayer of Munich.

This work uses the complex layering of light and physical materials to take full advantage of our evolved binocular seeing – which can perceive depth and subtleties of color much more richly than what is possible with a projection on a flat white wall.