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Cartscape, Victoria Parrish
Victoria Parrish
Art Practice
June, 2017


42" x 52" oil and acrylic on canvas, 2017. We curate ourselves differently in interior and exterior spaces. These processes depend on our identities, our expectations, and our dreams. -Scape is series of self portraits that takes the reclining figure in both interior (in the bedroom) and exterior (in the shopping cart) spaces, abstracted and segmented to bring the figure out of the original environment and onto the canvas. Inspired by personal anecdotes of harassment during mundane activities - grocery shopping, going for a run, just walking down the street - the series plays with poses of limp figures that make eye contact with the viewer and obscure the lines between helplessness and power. Cart-scape plays with personal commodification in shopping carts, which usually hold food, goods, or children. Originating in the exterior space, this energetic
companion to Bed-scape finding its center in moments of unwarranted objectification and physical harassment.