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Auction House Blues

Auction House Blues

"Auction House Blues," 2009. Acrylic and water based oil on canvas, 60"x80"

Photography Eugenio Castro
Art Practice
September, 2009


Imagery includes appropriations of Monet, Picasso, Warhol, Albers, and Saura. Painting done after the recession of 2008 addressing the relative inmunity of art auction houses  to the economic collapse.

Arcadian State, 2006. Acrylic and water based oil on canvas, 60"x80"

Imagery includes appropriation of George Binham painting. Quote "The tree of theory is grey while the tree of life is green" from "Faust" by Goethe. The work addresses stereotypes and illegal immigration. 

Photography Eugenio Castro

Time May Pass Fast or Sowly, 2009, Digital print on hand made Amate paper with acrylic hand painted areas, 42"x42"

Imagery includes appropriations of Monet, Picasso and sculpture from the Ivory Coast. Based on the artist concept of "reverse anthropology"

Photography Magnolia Editions

"Super Bato Saves the World," 2009, Slot machine, dimensions variable.

Imagery based on the Mayan myth of the end of the world (mistakenly forecasted by 2012). 

Photography SF Electric Works

"Too Big/Homage to Jose Clemente Orozco" 2009, Charcoal and pastel on paper. 80"x80"

Imagery  includes appropriations of muralist Jose Clemente Orozco and cartoon by Victor Hugo. The work addresses the recession of 2008


Photography Eugenio Castro

"Dystopian Cannibals," 2013. Acrylic and water based oil on hand made Amate paper. Detail of codex, 12"x94" 

Imagery includes appropriations from comic books, French Renaissance and Romantic Painting, and ethnic stereotypes. Work adresses cultural borders. Imagery based on the artist's concept of "reverse anthropology."

Photography Eugenio Castrp

"Recurrent Goya," 2012, Etching and aquatint with letter press stamp, 15"x17"

One of a set of 8 prints after Goya's "Caprichos." The work addresses issues of collecting contemporary art.

Photography ULAE

"The Thingly Thingness of Things," 2013, Color lithograph hand printed on hand made Amate paper, 22"x30"

The work comments on cultural borders. Quotes from Heidegger and Goethe.

Photogrphy John White

"Bobalicón/Big Booby," 2013, Photoetching with letter press stamp.

The work is done after Goya's Proverbios/Disparates. The imagery addresses issues of contemporary surveilance.

Photography John White