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Stacy Bloom

Stacy Bloom

Documentary Film and Video


Stacy Bloom has lived and worked in the San Francisco Bay Area since the Fall of 1991. She received her BA in Mass Communications from UC Berkeley in the Spring of 1995. Upon graduating, Stacy traveled throughout the Middle East and interned at The Jerusalem Post in Tel Aviv, Israel. Since her return in 1996, she has worked as a segment producer on CNET's Internet news magazine show: TV.COM, as an assistant producer on a PBS documentary: Life Beyond Earth, and as the publicity liason/programming assistant for The San Francisco Jewish Film Festival.

Atypical Love Story

digital video

JUNE, 2001

Atypical Love Story is an intimate portrait of a rather controversial and definitely complex relationship. Betsy met Fernando in 1991. She was then a 34 year-old divorcee struggling to raise two young children, maintain her small Florida farm, and still work as an elementary school teacher. At 16, Fernando was the eldest son of the Peruvian family that had moved in with Betsy to work in exchange for housing. As the months went by, Betsy and Fernando developed a deep friendship. When their closeness became apparent to the outside world (each of their immediate families, his high school, her work place), rumors regarding the exact nature of their relationship ran rampant. In 1993, their relationship did in fact evolve into romance. Despite the disapproval of society-at-large and not least of all, Betsy's daughter (just 6 years younger than Fernando), eight years later they remain a couple.

Snow Motion

16mm color film

JUNE, 2000
Probably the last place one would expect to find a disabled person is flying down a mountain, in a bucket attached to a board. Mario Solis and Carla Toth introduce a community where physical limitations need no longer stand in the way of strenuous physical performance...the community of disabled snow-skiing. While Carla has lived with cerebral palsey for all of her life, Mario just broke his back a year ago. Though their experiences with disability are quite different, their contagious enthusiasm for skiing is remarkably similar.

Awards, Festivals, and Screenings

Honorable Mention, Making Waves Film Festival, 2001
Dallas Video Festival, 2002
Big Bear Valley Film Festival, 2001
Tahoe International Film Festival, 2001
Aurora Picture Show Theater, Houston, 2001
Doc Side Film Festival, 2001
Shorts International Film Festival, 2001
Broadcast on KQED, 2001
Mill Valley International Film Festival 2000
Film Arts Festival, 2000
Dallas Video Festival, 2002

Special When Lit

digital video

Co-directed by Greta Nash
JUNE, 2000

Special When Lit is a contemporary look at the social, political, and economic trends of pinball as seen through the eyes of an historian, a businesswoman, traditional male players, and a new breed of family collectors. These voices will demonstrate varying perspectives on where pinball has been and where it is going as we enter the 21st century.

Sea Legs

16mm black and white film

A pointless argument between Mark and his father led to an accident that irreparably changed his life. Ten years later, Mark describes how becoming paraplegic did not necessarily mean he had to give up anything, least of all his true-life's calling, sailing.

Awards, Festivals, and Screenings

DocSide Film Festival, 2001
Aurora Picture Show, Houston, 2001