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Ron Reichman

Ron Reichman

Art History
M.A. Art History, Tel Aviv University (Summa Cum Laude), 2018
B.A. Literature and Psychology, Tel Aviv University (Magna Cum Laude), 2010


Ron is a Ph.D. student in art history, studying photography history and theory as well as contemporary art. Working with scientific imagery, Ron is particularly interested in the history of photography's instrumentalization and in its imbrication in texts. He explores conceptualizations of photographic indexicality and constructions of photographic objectivity, evidence, and facticity. As he also studies vernacular photography, Ron nonetheless underscores the medium’s relation to touch, imagination, performativity, and collectivity.

In his work, Ron investigates the implications of the encounter between human bodies and photographic technologies. Fascinated by the ways in which this encounter generates hybrid identities that blur the boundaries between humans and machines, Ron explores both photography’s subordinating effects and the medium’s queering potentialities.

In the field of art history, Ron is interested in performance, video art, and conceptual art, with a focus on politically-engaged art and contemporary practices such as participation, collaboration, and reenactment. Other interests include film and visual studies, continental philosophy, literary and queer theory, and Modern Hebrew poetry.