Ron Reichman

M.A. Art History, Tel Aviv University (summa cum laude), 2018
B.A. Literature and Psychology, Tel Aviv University (magna cum laude), 2010
Graduation Year

Ron is a doctoral candidate in art history. His dissertation, titled "Transforming Picasso: Heterosexual Masculinity, Gender Multiplicity and Homosocial Desire in the Art of a Modern Master, 1900-1945," seeks to upend the conventional and often simplistic readings of Pablo Picasso’s subject matter and depictions of eroticism. This study reexamines the first five decades of the artist’s career, revealing a wide range of previously unrecognized pictorial, cultural and historical meanings that emerge once his art is not automatically filtered through the prism of heterosexual desire. Contrary to most Picasso scholars, the study proposes that Picasso’s body of work consistently disrupts, rather than replicates, hegemonic structures of gender binarism; it invokes sexual indeterminacy and explores the liberatory aesthetic possibilities of hermaphroditism.

Ron also works on photography theory and history, performance, video, and conceptual art, with a specific interest in politically-engaged interventions and contemporary practices such as participation and reenactment. Ron's broader intellectual pursuits include film and visual studies, psychoanalysis, feminism, queer theory and modernist poetry.

Ron is a recipient of the 2024-25 Mellon Foundation Dissertation Fellowship awarded by the Stanford Humanities Center. His writing has appeared in Third Text and

Selected Articles:

“Leave Your Psychopathic Behaviour Outside the Playground: Notes on Malki Tesler’s Public Intervention,” Third Text, 2022,

“April Dawn Alison,”, 2020,