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Oleg Savunov

Oleg Savunov

Art Practice


Oleg is a photographer and a lens-based artist. His field of interests ranges from photographic documentary projects to conceptual lens-based works which explore philosophical and existential questions of identity and self-perceprion by using the photographic medium. Landscape, one of the most classical photographic genres, has been his perpetual object of research and investigation which has led him to expand his work practice towards installation. While installation requires significant hands on work and experimentation, Oleg hopes to construct a metaphor or a certain effect of framing the reality and space, by creating and mounting installation pieces into a landscape and using photography as a tool for documentation.


Oleg studied press photography at the Faculty of Press Photographers of Saint-Petersburg, Russia (2012). Subsequently, he continued his education in photography at the Fotodepartament Institute of Saint-Petersburg, where the majority of his present interests and style were developed (2015). Throughout this time, Oleg’s work was published in several online magazines, namely Amuse by Vice, The Guardian, F-Stop, Calvert Journal, GEO, and The Village. As a result, he became an active and proficient member of the contemporary Russian art society and consequently, a participant in a series of group exhibitions with his photographs and installations. More recently, he presented in the “Spacing” group exhibition in Quartariata Art Residency (2018) and in the International Festival of Contemporary Photography “Presence” in the Berthold Center, Saint-Petersburg, Russia (2019). On the summer 2019 he participated at the Blooming Festival, in Pergola, Italy with his first multimedia installation work (2019).