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Nicholas Berger

Nicholas Berger

Documentary Film and Video


Nicholas was born in San Francisco and grew up in San Diego, Sacramento and New York. He started college at UC Santa Cruz before transfering to Brown where he graduated with a degree in philosophy. After graduation he moved back to New York where he spent a year working for a production company that made documentaries for PBS and the History Channel. He then moved to Berlin and spent a year traveling, teaching English and learning German.

Nutkin's Last Stand 

hd video
JUNE, 2008
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Something is rotten in England. A plague of North American gray squirrels is threatening the beloved native red squirrel. This has triggered outrage among many Britons and a wide range of organizations and individuals have stepped forward to take up the red squirrel's cause.

Awards, Festivals, and Screenings

Best Documentary, Next Reel International Film Festival, Singapore, 2010
Second Place - Best Student Documentary, Palm Springs Shorts Fest, 2009
Finalist, Student Academy Awards, 2009
Australian broadcast (retitled as BATTLE OF BRITAIN), SBS Dateline, 2011
Planet in Focus: International Environmental Film & Video Festival, Toronto, Canada, 2010
Coyote Film Festival, 2010
Silverdocs, 2009
Worldwide Short Film Festival, Toronto, 2009
River Run International Film Festival, Winston-Salem, NC, 2009
Mendocino Film Festival, CA, 2009
Sehsüchte International Student Film Festival, Potsdam, Germany, 2009
Blue Planet Film Festival, Santa Monica, CA, 2009
Planet in Focus Film Festival, Toronto, Canada, 2009
Temescal Street Cinema, Oakland, CA,  2009
Globians Doc Fest, Berlin, Germany, 2009
CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival, 2009
POV, 2009 (National Broadcast)
IDFA, Amsterdam, 2008
ZagrebDox, 2009
Austin Film Festival, 2008
IDFA, 2008
Wholphin DVD Magazine Issue #7
Best of Wholphin DVD Magazine #2

The Legend of Rosalie 

16mm color film
JUNE, 2007
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More than 200 hundred feet below sea level, in the little desert community of Slab City, a beautiful and bubbly woman built a library out of salvaged objects.

Awards, Festivals, and Screenings

Student Award, Hamptons International Film Festival, 2008
Audience Award, Best Documentary, First Glance Film Festival, Hollywood, CA, 2008
Critics' Choice Award, Film Festival at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scotland, 2007
Finalist, Student Academy Awards, 2008
Finalist, Documentary, Angelus Student Film Festival, 2007
Free Range Film Festival, 2008
The SF Indie Docfest, 2007
Big Sky Film Festival, Montana, 2008
First Glance Film Festival, 2008
Mendocino Film Festival, 2008
Ann Arbor, Film Festival, 2008

Clearing the Air 

digital video
Co-directed by Emmanuel Dayan
MARCH, 2007
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A glimpse into the lives of three people who suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) a condition in which people become intolerant of small doses of a wide range of common chemicals found in our environment.

The Man With the Electric Boots 

16mm black and white film
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Profile of an inventor who has built himself a pair of electric boots to deal with the problem of his perpetually cold feet.

Awards, Festivals, and Screenings

Second Prize, IFC Back to Basics Documentary Challenge, 2008
Edinburgh International Film Festival, 2008
Free Range Film Festival, 2008
Big Sky Film Festival, Montana, 2008
Ann Arbor Film Festival, 2008
Mendocino Film Festival, 2007



June 14, 2008

Free and open to the public

June 12, 2007

free and open to the public

March 20, 2007

Free and open to the public

Annenberg Auditorium
December 12, 2006

Free and open to the public

Annenberg Auditorium