Lauren Howell

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Lauren Howell

Lauren Howell (she/her) is a documentary filmmaker from Raleigh, North Carolina.



She earned her BA in Public Policy from Duke University, where she was awarded the 2020 Terry Cinematic Arts and Education prompted her to utilize visual storytelling as a means of employing justice for the Movement for Black Lives in the summer of 2020.  Her film, Guilty, is a personal narrative of her work as an organizer, utilizing the camera as a means of safety and method to reclaim narrative for greater justice.



Lauren is an alumna of Black Girl Film School, an institution designed to place Black women at the forefront of film education and create pipelines for them to enter the film industry. She is interested in utilizing documentary to amplify marginalized voices. Her 16mm film, Wake Up, Wakefield Plantation, explores the impact of racialized topography on the lives of a Black high schooler.



At Stanford, she looks forward to exploring diverse mediums of documentary storytelling and collaborating with community to better understand local nonfiction narratives.



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December, 2021