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Laura Tejero Núñez

Laura Tejero Núñez

Documentary Film and Video
Degree in Journalism, Carlos III University of Madrid, 2015
Degree in Audiovisual Communication, Carlos III University of Madrid, 2015


Laura Tejero is a Spanish journalist and filmmaker. During her undergraduate double degree in Journalism and Audiovisual Communication at Carlos III University of Madrid she lived in Spain, Italy, California and Australia, where she filmed her first documentary, The Forgotten Children, on Australia's offshore detention centers for migrants. Since then she has worked for a TV production company researching topics for documentaries, compiling resources, selecting characters and stories for news pieces and producing and filming reports, mainly focused on social and politica issues.


HD video
June, 2019
Video Duration: 18:39 min.


In 2017, when the strongest earthquake in a century hits Mexico, 12-year-old Frida survives under the rubble of an elementary school. Through 24-hour media coverage the whole country follows every step of her rescue.

Awards, Festivals, and Screenings

Annual Shorts Challenge Winner, Annapolis Film Festival, 2019

Meet Me Half Way

HD video
June, 2018
Video Duration: 5:42 min.


After serving 41 years of a life sentence in San Quentin Prison, Darryl fears his imminent release into a world he has never experienced before.

Kiligivak (Mammoth)

HD video
Co-directed by Jake Chamberlain
March, 2018
Video Duration: 9 min.


Mammoth ivory sustains livelihoods in an arctic community, but also embodies the threat of a changing climate.


16mm Black & White film
December, 2017
Video Duration: 2:17 min.


Surrounded by the absurd world of humans, dogs struggle against their instincts to comply with their owners' wishes.



June 15, 2019
Cubberley Auditorium
June 14, 2018

Free and open to the public.

Cubberley Auditorium
March 20, 2018

Free and open to the public.

Cubberley Auditorium
December 12, 2017

Free and open to the public.

Cubberley Auditorium


February 20, 2018 to March 2, 2018
McMurtry Building; Gunn Foyer and Miller Discussion Space