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Hope Hall

Hope Hall

Documentary Film and Video


Hope Hall comes to film and video from a wide range of experiences, primarily theater, modern dance, photography, and travel. She received her BA in History and French from Berkeley in 1991.

Every Ten Seconds


JUNE, 2000
If no one can prove that tomorrow will come, why is it almost impossible for us to live in the moment? If we create orders and structures with our own hands and minds, then can't we redefine them? Every Ten Seconds is a meditation on the passage of time, centered on the ritual of New Year's Eve, 1999.

Awards, Festivals, and Screenings

Film Arts Festival, 2001

this is for betsy hall

16mm color film

JUNE, 1999
this is for betsy hall is a construction in picture and sound of my mother, a personal film created for her. She is 59 years old. She has had anorexia and bulimia most of her life, and she helped in the creation of this film. The film is an impressionistic montage of filmed video projected onto moving surfaces, underwater self-portrait, stills treated with movements, and acoustic guitar by the filmmaker's brother. My mother provided the phone interview, most of the photos, and the go-ahead. When she first saw herself on video, my mother said that she did not realize she looked the way she did. The film is for her to keep and to remember what her daughter sees, for them to watch together, and for audiences to consider the legacies parents leave behind.

Awards, Festivals, and Screenings

5th Year Anniversary Best of Fest Winner, Lunafest, 2007
Director’s Citation/Honorable Mention, Black Maria Film/Video Festival, 2002
Honorable Mention for Short Filmmaking, Sundance Film Festival, 2000
Honorable Mention for Documentary, Humboldt International Film Festival, 2000
Best Student Film, Louisville Film Festival, 2000
Espacios a La Experimentacion II, San Jose, Costa Rica, 2003
Brooklyn Underground Film Festival, Brooklyn, NY, 2003
Elementi Arts Festival, Bitola, Macedonia, 2003
Black Maria Film/Video Festival, Jersey City, NJ, 2002
Taos Talking Pictures Festival, Taos, New Mexico, 2002
Denver International Film Festival, Denver, CO, 2002
Women In the Director's Chair, Chicago, IL, U.S. Tour 2001-2002
Media That Matters Online Film Festival,, NYC, 2001-2002
Lunafest, U.S. Tour, 2001
Ojai Film Festival, Ojai, CA, 2001
Shorts! International Short Film Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2001
Bay Area Now II, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, CA, 2000
Independent Exposure, Seattle, WA, 2000
Ann Arbor Film Festival, Ann Arbor, MI, 2000
Newport Beach Film Festival, Newport Beach, CA, 2000
Aspen Shortsfest, Aspen, CO, 2000
Los Angeles Independent Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA, 2000
Florida Film Festival, Maitland, FL, 2000
Cinemajove, Valencia, Spain, 2000
BBC British Short Film Festival, London, 2000
Shorts International Film Festival, NYC, 2000
Film Arts Festival, San Francisco, 1999
Hi/Lo Film Festival, San Francisco, 1999

Lilli Ann

digital video

Co-directed with Gabriel Rhodes
MARCH, 1999
Lilli Ann is a tribute to Jesus Chuy Campusano's mural in the Mission District which was whitewashed illegally by the new owners of the building.

Awards, Festivals, and Screenings

Cinequest, San Jose, CA, 2000
Brainwash Movie Festival, San Francisco, CA
'documental' at the Midnight Special Bookstore, Santa Monica, CA
Golden Shower Film Festival, Texas


16mm black and white film

Techno is a poem, an elegy to the landscape of the Silicon Valley (previously known as the Valley of Heart's Delight) and its transformation from open space to wasteland over the course of one lifetime.

Awards, Festivals, and Screenings

Short Attention Span Film Festival, National Tour, 2000
Field Museum of Chicago's Underground Adventure Film Festival
The Pacific Northwest Festival of Fictional and Anthropological Cinema in Ellensburg, Washington
The Green Extreme Festival in Salt Spring Island, B.C.