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Greta Nash

Greta Nash

Documentary Film and Video


Greta Nash, Ed.D., began making documentaries as part of her doctoral research into adolescents' attitudes about school and work while at UC Berkeley. Her films produced at Stanford have addressed agricultural land use, popular culture, and children's responses to violence. Greta Nash's documentary interests for the future include further exploration of children's perspectives on work, class, and culture.

The Lindy Life

digital video

JUNE, 2001

The Lindy Hop, the first swing dance, born of a new century, new jazz music, and a new view of America in the 1920s, continues to foster a broad and diverse community of enthusiasts. Archival black and white footage mingled with interviews and glimpses of the extraordinary San Francisco dance scene make this film both historically fascinating and fun to watch.

Special When Lit

digital video

Co-directed with Stacy Bloom
JUNE, 2000

Special When Lit is a contemporary look at the social, political, and economic trends of pinball as seen through the eyes of an historian, a businesswoman, traditional male players, and a new breed of family collectors. These voices will demonstrate varying perspectives on where pinball has been and where it is going as we enter the 21st century.

Farms, Ranches and Starter Castles

16mm color film

MARCH, 2000

In this film about landscape and land use, ranchers and farmers reflect on the social and aesthetic values of American agricultural land. They speak about their satisfaction and sacrifices in maintaining agricultural homesteads and the particular threat of huge suburban home development in a real estate market run amok.

Whose Shoes

16mm black and white film


This heartfelt short film shows children's responses to an urban art installation about children's death by violence. The interactive art work was created by San Francisco artist Pilar Olabarria expressly for children.