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Drew de Pinto

Drew de Pinto

Documentary Film and Video


Drew de Pinto is a filmmaker formerly based in Chicago. They have worked on projects for the Democratic Socialists of America, Kartemquin Films, and Scrappers Film Group. In 2019 they worked as lead editor on The Talk, a short documentary about the varying states of sex education in the U.S. public school system.

As an undergrad at the University of Chicago, they developed an interest in filmmaking as a way to process feelings of dysphoria and create new frameworks for understanding gender. Their autobiographical thesis film revisted the period of their adolesence when their mother underwent treatment for breast cancer, exploring dysphoria as it relates to both gender and illness. Using personal phone conversations, home movie footage, experimental sequences, and intimate staged scenes, the film endeavored to disrupt the binary frameworks central to both documentary cinema (i.e. truth vs. fiction) and the gendered lens through which we view onscreen bodies.
Their work aims to visualize internal experiences that exceed cultural intelligibility using experimental methods such as hybrid nonfiction and magical realism. Their films reflect their interest in labor movements, community organizing, post-structural gender theory, and new queer cinema.


Jun 2021
Mar 2021
Dec 2020