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Celia X. Pan

Celia X. Pan

Documentary Film and Video


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Politics of the Private

digital video

JUNE, 1997
Shot in Beijing, the filmmaker's hometown, this documentary is a portrait of two disaffected young intellectuals and their stifled dreams in contemporary China: Liao indulges in Western classical music everyday while Fang escapes into ancient Chinese history. Melancholic and hilarious at the same time, the film eloquently questions the position and power of individuals in a traditional society.

Awards, Festivals, and Screenings

Gold Seal, IAC International Film and Video Competition, 1998
Silver Apple Award, National Education Media Network Film /Video Competition, 1998
Lichtschicht 3. International Festival of Youth Cinema, 1998
Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film and Video Festival, 1998
IMAGEfest'98, Palo Alto, CA
Multi-cultural Film Festival, San Francisco, CA, 1997
East Village Film and Video Festival, New York, NY, 1997
The Film Arts Festival of Independent Cinema, San Francisco, CA, 1997
Idyllwild International Film and Video Festival, Idyllwild, CA

Secret Chorus

16mm color film

MARCH, 1996

Five neighbors live next to one another in a college dormitory, but they barely know each other. Through the depiction of the intricate relationships among them, this elegant and evocative film contemplates the nature of a human community.

Between Two Worlds


MARCH, 1996
The video focuses on the relationship between an 11-year old Asian immigrant girl and her family's former neighbor in Beijing - the filmmaker who came to the U.S. three years ago. It is a poignant tale on how the universal experience of young womanhood transcends the cultural differences in two girls' lives.

Awards, Festivals, and Screenings

Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film/Video Festival, 1997

Where Shall I Eat Tonight?

16mm black and white film

Taking the audience through the filmmaker's journey of looking for a place to have supper one evening, this film provides a gritty yet humorous look into a foreigner's feelings of loneliness and cultural alienation in suburban America.

Awards, Festivals, and Screenings

Asian CineVision (national tour), NY, 1998
San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival, 1998
Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film/Video Festival, 1997