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Blair Foster

Blair Foster

Documentary Film and Video


Blair Foster studied history at the University of Florida and Ohio University, with a special interest in U.S. history and foreign relations. After teaching english in Japan for a year she travelled in Southeast Asia and South America.

Til Death Do Us Part


JUNE, 2000

The transition from wife to widow is a difficult one. Til Death Do Us Part explores the challenges that women in their eighties face when their husbands die. Helen, a recent widow, and Anne, widowed for nine years, live in an independent living community where they retain their independence while feeling safe and secure.

Three Bowls

16mm color film

JUNE, 1999
At the San Francisco Zen Center life revolves around meditation. From sweeping to chopping carrots, residents practice zen through their everyday chores. In the kitchen, food preparation becomes and extension of one's zen practice. This quiet seven minute film is a window into the zen center kitchen and a reflection on the relationship between meditation and food.

What It's Worth

digital video

Co-directed with Kristin Nutile
MARCH, 1999

What do owners of a Pez museum and a tank collector have in common? Find out in this lighthearted look at the world of collecting. Jacques collects military vehicles and houses his collection of 150 tanks, trucks, and transports in a museum on his Portola Valley Ranch. Nancy and Gary display their extensive collection of Pez at their museum in Burlingame, CA. This seven minute video, shot on digital video, reflects their passion for collecting.

Individual Medley

16mm black and white film


I could swim before I could walk. Well, not exactly, but growing up the daughter of a swim coach in Florida I spent much of my life in a pool. This three minute, black and white personal film explores a father-daughter relationship that revolved around swimming and training to become a world class swimmer.