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Video: Professor Alexander Nemerov reacts to mean course reviews

Mark Duggan, director of the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research and, Alexander Nemerov, chair of the Art and Art History Department react to some reviews of their courses ECON 1: “Principle of Economics” and ARTHIST1B: “Introduction to the Visual Arts,” respectively.
This is the pilot episode for The Stanford Daily’s NEW show, “Mean Course Reviews.” Inspired by Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets, various Stanford professors and lecturers react and respond to rude, funny, and just wacky reviews of their courses. Let us know what professors we should reach out to next!
Special Thanks: Mark Duggan, Alexander Nemerov
Producers: Andy Huynh, Lana Tleimat, Sonja Hansen, Patrick Monreal
Editors: Ellie Wong, Andy Huynh Music: “Take Me Down to the Fashion Show” by NoMBe
Music: “Take Me Down to the Fashion Show” by NoMBe