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Stanford students help each other prepare for a career in the art world

Jun 20 2019

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After recognizing that there was not anything like it on campus, two Stanford students have founded a student arts organization with a dual mission: to strengthen the arts community on campus and to provide students potential career pathways in the arts.

Established in 2017 by art history coterms Reilly Clark and Reily Haag, the Professional Art Society of Stanford (PASS) offers students a variety of hands-on experiences, from curating exhibitions to producing catalogs and organizing arts events. In addition, PASS also facilitates collaboration among students from across campus who are interested in a career in the arts.

When Clark and Haag met during the end of their sophomore year in the course Arts, Chemistry and Madness: The Sciences of Art Materials, they were surprised that for two students who shared so many similar interests, they had not run into each other sooner.