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The Board of Directors names as Fellows of the Society of Architectural Historians individuals who have distinguished themselves by a lifetime of significant contributions to the field. These contributions may include scholarship, service to the Society, teaching and stewardship of the built...
Apr 22 2020 | Squarecylinder
This is part of a series in which artists and writers talk about life in the Covid-19 era. The following is written by Professor Enrique Chagoya for Squarecylinder.
Art Practice
The following spring courses in Art Practice remain open for enrollment. The Department of Art and Art History recognizes the significant upheaval of traditional in-person instruction. Courses have been adapated to provide an exciting and dynamic online curriculum. We encourage students to check...
Mar 30 2020 | Stanford Daily
By Camryn Pak   On Thursday, the Faculty Senate voted 36-15 to mandate that all spring quarter courses be graded on a satisfactory/no-credit (S/NC) basis. Courses in the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford Law School and Stanford School of Medicine’s M.D. program were exempt from this...
Mar 5 2020 | London Review of Books | Posted In: Faculty
Art History
London Review of Books | Vol. 42, No. 5 | March 5, 2020 "As Long as the King’s Arm?" by James Vincent   A review of The Making of Measure and the Promise of Sameness by Emanuele Lugli