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Jan 25 2021 | Stanford News | Posted In: Faculty
Art History
Cantor Arts Center launches Asian American Art Initiative bolstered by major Ruth Asawa acquisition, The Michael Donald Brown Collection and other works   Among the first of its kind, Stanford’s newest hub of interdisciplinary scholarship transforms the museum’s collection and expands research...
Aug 28 2020 | University of Chicago Press | Posted In: Students
Art History
PhD student Jason Vartikar’s first peer-reviewed article, “Ruth Asawa’s Early Wire Sculpture and a Biology of Equality,” was recently published in the spring issue of American Art, vol. 34, no. 1. Vartikar argues that the artist’s biomorphic sculptures engage midcentury biological science and its...
Aug 27 2020 | Journal of Visual Culture | Posted In: Students
Art History
Cyle Metzger, PhD candidate in art history, and Kirstin Ringelberg, professor of art history at Elon University, together organized, edited, and composed the introduction to the first issue of the Journal of Visual Culture (Volume 19, Issue 2) dedicated to transgender art and visual culture.
Jul 30 2020 | The New York Times | Posted In: Faculty
Art History
A team based at Stanford University used virtual acoustics to bring Istanbul to California and reconstruct the sonic world of Byzantine cathedral music.   By Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim   Turquoise carpets covered the marble floor, with its geometric designs. White drapes concealed the mosaic of...
Jul 28 2020 | Asia House | Posted In: Faculty
Art History
The Hagia Sophia has featured in thousands of books and treatises throughout the centuries, many of which have praised the awe-inspiring spaces of this architectural feat. Yet recently, the building has made headlines for very different reasons, as politics and heritage become entangled. In this...