Vladimir Tomic, writer/director
February, 2015

"You could describe it as a 'found footage' film. Whether it's really their own archive is doubtful. You're not sure how much fiction is concealed in this story. It is composed of original footage from a refugee ship in Copenhagen harbour where refugees from the former Yugoslavia arrived in the 1990s. They filmed their daily lives and sent information on VHS tapes back to those remaining at home. But the coming-of-age story which is told via these images and the voiceover could equally well be fabricated. That's something each viewer must decide for themselves. That's where I think the excitement of the film originates: the material and commentary have been used in a creative, inventive way even if that means it makes it more of a work of fiction and no longer a true documentary. Which has always been a legitimate practice in pieces created from found footage." - Christoph Terhechte in interview on the 2015 Berlinale Forum program.

written & directed by: Vladimir Tomic
edited by: Srdan Keca
produced by: Srdan Keca, Selma Jusufbegovic


Awards, Festivals, and Screenings
65th Berlinale, Forum section - Tagesspiegel Readers’ Jury Award
65th Berlinale, Forum section - Peace Film Award ­ Honourable Mention
Documenta Madrid 2015, Spain - Jury’s Special Prize
Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival - Best Debut Film
Crossing Europe 2015, Linz, Austria - Best Documentary
DokuFest Prizren 2015, Kosovo - Best Balkan Documentary
Sarajevo Film Festival 2015, Bosnia & ­Herzegovina - Special Jury Mention
Bratislava Film Festival 2015 - Special Mention for Best Documentary
Dokumentarfilmwoche Hamburg 2015, Germany (opening film)
goEast Wiesbaden 2015, Germany (official competition)
Dok.Fest Munich 2015, Germany (panorama section)