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Send Help

June 5, 2018 to June 11, 2018
Mohr Student Gallery


Send Help is on view Tuesday, June 5 through Monday, June 11, 2018 with an opening reception on Tuesday, June 5, 4-6pm. This exhibition is organized and curated by the artists, showcasing work from Advanced Painting, Spring 2018. Send Help is both an urgent imperative, and an action. All of the artists have traversed treacherous terrain, pushing beyond their comfort-zones, making work that is deeply personal. They have sent help -- to each other, and to those who may see themselves reflected here.

Influenced by street art and the pop art movement of the 70s/80s, Pierce Ashworth creates open narratives that challenge the archetypal. Nylah Byrd enjoys exploring herself and her emotions through art. Her work includes bright colors, hair bows, and a sense of humor. Jennifer DiSanto is an oil painter who enjoys exploring memory, both real and falsified, through realism and abstraction. In the painting-collage combos of New Orleans born artist Gunner Dongieux, classical art influences coalesce with pop culture, providing a mosaic perspective of modern life. As a painter and a writer, Tyler Dunston is interested in the relationship between word and image, and the ways in which the art of literature and painting can be brought together. Eleanor Frost is a photorealistic painter who enjoys creating playful and visually provocative pieces.  Cairo Mo's work explores the separation between the self and the body, while bringing together self-horror and body-horror. Anika Nagpal works between multiples mediums including painting, textiles and photography to create art that is inspired by health and medicine, centered around the fundamental question: what does it mean to be human? Seth Nosanchuk plays with the beauty, color and humor in the everyday, trying to unbind and think past the structures around us. Elivia Shaw explores abstraction through gesture and color in order to create ephemeral emotional landscapes that shift and change for the viewer over time. Yae-Rang Schumacher explores the inside and outside of pair-bonding and social discrepancies between a dual self and other. In her uncanny drawings and paintings Taylor Sihavong enjoys focusing on the human body and form through oil painting, and themes of self-reflection, pride in oneself, and identity. In less serious pieces, Taylor paints small and brightly-colored animals. Tessa Smith is interested in the healing effect of meditative painting-- using creative expression to reunify body and mind and to speak without words. In his work, Jeramiah Winston explores views of the self. Cathy Yang is a Chinese American artist interested in expressing her cultural heritage and exploring the merging of identity and politics in contemporary American society.  Zhi Kai Alan Yuk enjoys discovering lighting effect and expressing it on the canvas through different ways.

Instructor: Yvette Deas

Image: by Cairo Mo

VISITOR INFORMATION: The Mohr Student Gallery is located on the lower level of the McMurtry Building on Stanford’s campus, at 355 Roth Way. Visitor parking is free all day on the weekend and after 4pm on weekdays, except by the oval. Alternatively, take the Caltrain to Palo Alto Transit Center and hop on the free Stanford Marguerite Shuttle.

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