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Mark These Cradles

April 22, 2016 to May 14, 2016
Moghadam Gallery, McMurtry Building, 355 Roth Way

Free and open to the public.  The exhibition can be viewed throughout the day and evening hours from the arcade, adjacent to the atrium.

My practice is grounded in somatic accumulations and intuitive exercises in color and motion. I deny the figure its wholeness, referencing my fragmented sense of self as a body displaced from its physical origins.

The intense vertical structure and the instability of the grounded plane within the work implicates a deficiency of verticality as it manifests in stratification and imbalances between “first” and “third-world” nations, the center and the periphery, the east and the west. The paintings illuminate the depthless bond between the body and its landscape, or rather, its ancestral homeland; however imaginary.

Maia is an artist whose varied practice focuses on the immediacy of painting and drawing. They explore abstraction and text-based art; there lies a tension between large, confrontational, paintings on canvas and small, confessional, works on paper. Their work is characterized by intuitive mark-making that fluctuates in scale and urgency. 

Maia was born in the Philippines and raised in Washington state. They will receive a B.A. in Studio Art with Honors in June 2016. 

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