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Barometric: The 2017 Senior Exhibition

June 6, 2017 to June 16, 2017
Mohr Student Gallery and Adjacent Installation Space


The Department of Art & Art History at Stanford University presents Barometric: The 2017 Senior Exhibition, on view in the Mohr Student Gallery & Adjacent Installation Space from June 6 through June 16, with a reception on Thursday, June 8, 2017, from 4-6 PM. This exhibition features works by Tara Halsted, Colin Choy Kimzey, Jackie Langelier, Allegra McComb, Andy Meislin, Alexandra Risberg, Aishwarya Ananda Vardhana, and Cathy Yuan.

Faculty curator Kevin B. Chen states: “During their years at Stanford, eight graduating seniors majoring in Art Practice experienced the span of historic drought to one of the rainiest winters on record and witnessed an acute shift in political administration. Working in a range of media and in conceptual and thematic content, these artists explore embodied experience, history and culture, and natural elements as a means to measure and contemplate our world.”

In her portrait drawings of underwater environments, Tara Halsted investigates the ability of water to reflect its surroundings through distortion. In his screen-printed posters and site-specific installation, Colin Choy Kimzey invokes histories of colonization and resistance in his native San Francisco. In her sugary and uncanny photographs, Jackie Langelier documents the slippery decline from life and affluence into decomposition and vacancy. In her glitched and feverish ink drawings, Allegra McComb documents a return to her ancestral homeland of Italy and investigates the intersection of femininity, religion, solitude, and displacement. In Andy Meislin's photographs, she explores human influence on the natural world. As both a scientist and an artist she brings a unique perspective on conservation to her practice. In her architectural installations, Alexandra Risberg deconstructs the formal elements of an interior space to redesign our fabricated detachment from our exterior natural environment. Aishwarya Vardhana’s interactive installation occupies a large amount of space and employs the playful, tactile materiality of strings with the intent of inviting viewers in, literally. The projected light maps onto the strings to create various gestures and movements, but as viewers walk through the sculpture, the dancing light maps onto their bodies. This piece explores what it means to make art accessible to all people. Through digital collage and photography, Cathy Yuan explores the personal and collective memories of childhood and family.

Image: Colin Choy Kimzey

VISITOR INFORMATION: The Mohr Student Gallery and Adjacent Installation Space is located in the lower level (Basement) of the McMurtry Building at 355 Roth Way, on Stanford’s campus. Parking is free after 4PM weekdays and all day weekends.

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