Mind Readers: artists' books by Gail Wight

Sun June 4th 2023, 9:00am - Fri September 15th 2023, 5:00pm
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Art & Architecture Library
Department of Art & Art History
Bowes Art & Architecture Library, McMurtry Building, 2nd floor
355 Roth Way, Stanford University, Stanford, CA

Stanford Studio Art faculty member Gail Wight's early works of art addressed the vagaries of the mind: neurology, machine intelligence and interspecies communication. Those pursuits led to a fascination with evolution and deep time, and the staggering variation of life on the planet. The legions of minute and overlooked creatures became a focal point, particularly plankton, an incredibly diverse collection of oceanic "filters." Recent works pay homage to the fraility of life, as we find ourselves both witness to and culprit in an accelerating mass extinction. Mind Readers presents a selection of books Wight has created over the past thirty years. 

Please note: Open M-Th 9-10pm, F 9-5 until June 14th when the hours will change.