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2010 Thesis MFA Documentary Film Screening

Saturday, June 12, 2010 - 2:00pm

Free and Open to the Public


Screening of short films by Second Year students in the MFA Program in Documentary Film and Video.




(The Way of Life)

by Carolina Kondo

A vacant desk might easily be overlooked in a classroom of 20 or 30 students, but it does not pass unnoticed under the keen supervision of Truant Officer Yolanda Miranda. As she visits homes and cites parents and kids to court, she witnesses the fabric of her tribe in ways statistics could never show.

Sin País
(Without Country)

by Theodore Rigby

After raising a family in the U.S. for almost twenty years, Sam and Elida Mejia are deported back to their native Guatemala. With intimate access and striking imagery, Sin País explores the complexities of the Mejias' new reality of a separated family--parents without their children, and children without their parents.

The Sea is a Harsh Mistress

by Jason Sussberg

By January 1st, 2030 will you be living in an independent country in the middle of the ocean? The revolutionaries at The Seasteading Institute are trying to make that a reality. Undeterred by a rich history of unsuccessful "new country" projects, the folks at The Seasteading Institute want to change the world. The Sea is a Harsh Mistress examines the business, engineering and political aspects of starting new societies on the high seas.


Little Mom

by Maria Fortiz-Morse

Shayna and Kassandra are twelve-year-old girls from different families, but they share a unique responsibility -- they help their mothers take care of their disabled brothers. Through observational footage, this film offers a rare glimpse into the plight of child-caregivers in the USA, a hidden population of over 1.4 million. This film speaks to the sacrifices that child-caregivers must make each day in order to keep their families together.


Pure Fruit

by Emile Bokaer

Everybody has heard of vegetarians. Practically no one has met (or seen) a fruitarian, someone whose diet consists of 100% fruit. Pure Fruit is a whimsical road movie that follows fruitarian lovers Mango and Kveta up the East Coast of Australia on their quest to find a new home in an earthly paradise.

The Art of Jihad

by Alaa eldin El Dajani

"Yes, I carry explosives. They are called words." In our heavily mediated world, words and images play an important role in the creation of misconceptions. In this film, three American artists combine those two elements to address and combat the prevalent stereotypes about Islam in the U.S.


Indelible Mark

by David Alvarado

Damage to the human brain can reveal deep insights into questions about ourselves and our personal identity. Three survivors of acute trauma to the brain undertake a journey of rehabilitation and self discovery.

Imaginary Circumstances

by Anthony Weeks

Within the "imaginary circumstances" of fictional Hollywood TV and film, the performance of disability on screen refers to social realities and lived experiences. Three actors with disabilities currently working in the Hollywood entertainment industry address the authentic representation of disability in the media as well as the ongoing struggle for access and inclusion.