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2010 Spring MFA Documentary Film Screening

Friday, June 11, 2010 - 7:30pm

Free and open to the public





Screening of eight short films by First Year students in the MFA Program in Documentary Film and Video.







An Architect's Vision

by Mina T. Son

A short documentary that questions the relationship between sight and architecture, An Architect's Vision is a glimpse into the world of blind architect Chris Downey. Discover with him what makes a building beautiful if you cannot see it and how one overcomes the challenge of designing structures without sight.



by Briar March

Promenade is a nostalgic yet incisive glance at America's iconic coming of age ritual...the high school prom. In front of the lens, teenage whimsy takes on unexpected depth as young women prepare to launch themselves into a golden, imagined future.


These Nine Months

by Rebekah Meredith

Three first time pregnant mothers chart the progress of their growing bellies, as they re-envision the world around them.


Wooden Boat

by John Rory Fraser

Inside the world of wooden sailboats in Sausalito, California.


Night Awake

by Jenni Nelson

Night Awake is a visceral exploration of sleep deprivation that unearths individuals' sleep rituals and their struggle to fall asleep.



by Sara Newens

A look into the physical and emotional intensity of fighting wildland fires.


Manfactured Fortunes

by Kevin Gordon

A factory film about fortunes, cookies and man's eternal quest for meaning.



by Ryan Malloy

While cities have historically served as dynamic places of innovation and experimentation, contemporary uses of urban space have generally conformed to certain mainstream expectations.  plastiCITY reveals three instances—a rooftop apiary, an occasional restaurant, and a mobile pizzeria—of people redefining how urban space is used in San Francisco.