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2008 Winter MFA Documentary Film Screening

Tuesday, March 18, 2008 - 7:30pm

Free and open to the public.

4 Short Widescreen Digital Videos created by MFA Documentary First Year Students

Pillow Fight Club!

by Jeffrey Seth Colen and Tanya Sleiman

Thousands of people converge to pummel each other with overstuffed pillows on Valentine's Day in a flash mob. This film explores this widespread counter-culture phenomenon happening in urban settings worldwide. 

Pie From Scratch

by Matt Harnack and Nilima Abrams

Andy lives in the Mission District of San Francisco. He likes skateboarding and goes to community college. His favorite kind of pie is pumpkin, but not the kind from a can.

circus is life

by Michael Attie and Charlene Music

circus is life is the story of the close ties of teenage friendship, on stage and off, and a yearning that some things will never change. 

The Backstretch

by Melanie Levy and Meghan O'Hara

After nearly eighty years of horse racing history, San Mateo's legendary Bay Meadows Racecourse is facing its final season. At this pivotal moment in California racing history, The Backstretch takes a look at life in the other side of the tracks.