2008 Fall FilmProd114 Screening

Fri December 5th 2008, 6:30pm
Free and open to the public
2008 Fall FilmProd114 Screening


Screening of short films by students from FilmProd 114 Films to be screened in the order listed: 


SELLING THE WALL by Charlie Mintz and Ali Mendoza

A look at possessions passing through lives.


FRAT HOUSE by Alex Easton and Lyn Mehe'ula

A film exploring fraternity life at Stanford: Does it compare to the party life seen in the movies?


STRADDLING THE LINE by Tim Moon and James Flint

A look into the diverse experiences and attitudes towards race and personal identity of multiracial students at Stanford University.


THE CHAIRS by Ariella Tai and Lulu Richter

One man's quest to sell some Chinese furniture.


SULTANS OF SMASH by Corey Ahnangnatoguk and Michael Perl

A look into the world of camaraderie, insanity, and hilarity that is Nintendo's Super Smash Brothers.