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Intermediate Photography Seminar


Students engage in professional photographic practices that prepare them to apply and expand upon the skills, methods and techniques they have learned in previous courses. They explore different themes in photography and take an in-depth look at the creative process of artists whose visions are based on the development of projects and bodies of work over an extended period of time. Students learn to refine their aesthetic over time by developing three such projects of their own, which involve significant independent work and active participation in critiques, with the goal of becoming adept at presenting their ideas and building a portfolio to show their work in a professional context. Students provide their own photographic equipment, will be provided with software and introduced to tools of support that will help them to more effectively execute their projects. This course may be repeated for credit.nnPrerequisite: Students should have taken at least three 200 level Intermediate Photography Topics Classes prior to enrolling in this Seminar or equivalent.