Painting and Drawing Studios

Two studios are dedicated to painting, and three to drawing and mixed media.

  • Painting


    Our painting courses take place in two large studios adjacent to the main courtyard of the Cummings Art Building. Introductory courses address traditional techniques, materials, and vocabulary of painting in oils. Subject matter may include still-life, landscape, and the figure, with an emphasis on painting from life. Advanced courses introduce a broader range of pictorial strategies, narratives, cultural, and personal implications.


    The studios are well equiped with large easels, tabourets, storage, and good natural lighting. There are portable easels for painting outdoors.




    Drawing is a critical foundation for all art practice, and we offer beginning and advanced classes that provide all art majors and minors with an opportunity to master this vital skill. Classes will frequently concentrate on working from the figure. Intensive workshops in anatomy are offered for students wishing to concentrate more deeply on these techniques.


    The painting and drawing studios are accessible to students for extended hours outside of regular class time.


    Painting and drawing students are frequent exhibitors in the Cummings building lobby, as well as many other venues.


    Images of Student Work

The interior ofHagia Sophia, Istanbul

6th century and later addition


Photo credit: Werner Forman / Art Resources, NY

J'al des papillons noir tous les jours

Silk, paper, plexiglass, lights, electronics, 2800 bug pins

Gail Wight

Students shooting a project



Acrylic on Shaped Canvas

Matt Kahn