Design Unassigned - Reception
April 1, 2010

    • Design Unassigned - Reception

      The Department of Art & Art History at Stanford University is pleased to present Design Unassigned on view from March 16 to April 25, with a reception on April 1 from 5-7 PM, at the Thomas Welton Stanford Art Gallery. This student design show features independent and personal works born of the Joint Graduate Program in Design and its kindred studies. As curator Professor Matt Kahn states, “this show sustains the focus of previous design shows on unpredictability, putting spirit, fantasy and independence above conventional or pragmatic concerns.”

      The pieces in the exhibition provide viewers a unique visual experience that testifies to the diversity and depth of the students’ work. Examples of the work are Paul Braun’s Chinese Steamboat, a traditional Chinese hot pot made of sand-cast aluminum that is given an updated style and functionality, while still respecting the classic tradition and ritual; Stephanie Carter’s Epidemics can solve epidemics, 2009, a 3:09 minute stop-motion video that illustrates how we can use learnings from epidemics to solve widespread issues in society that are considered epidemic in scale; Andrew Murphy’s Modern House Clock, made of aluminum, quarter sawn fir, cable motors and circuit board, that is a redesign of the common grandfather clock using a series of 12 weights, instead of a traditional clock face, to represent the time of day; Brian Ng’s Airport Lamp, a desk lamp constructed from a single piece of turned aluminum, LEDs and paper, that was inspired by airport architecture stimulating the relationship between the lofted ceilings and massive support structures; Danika Patrick’s Deck of Cards made of recycled soda cans stenciled with laser cam and automotive paint, showing that materials can be repurposed so as not to create waste; and Karen Shakepear’s Spiral Book, created from cardboard and paper, where the pages contain doors and corresponding grooves so that a 3D sculpture can be built sequentially as each page is opened.

      VISITOR INFORMATION: Thomas Welton Stanford Art Gallery is open Tuesday through Friday, 10 AM–5 PM, and Saturday and Sunday, 1-5 PM. Admission is free. The Gallery is located in the Stanford campus, off Palm Drive at 419 Lasuen Mall. Parking is free after 4 PM and all day on weekends. Information:  (650) 723-2842,


      • When: April 1, 2010
        5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
      • Where: Thomas Welton Stanford Art Gallery
        419 Lasuen Mall
        Stanford, CA 94305, USA
      • Categories: Exhibit/Gallery
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The French Ambassadors of King Henry II at the court of the English King Henry VIII

Oil on canvas

Holbein, Hans the Younger (1497-1543)

Photo credit: Erich Lessing / Art Resource, NY

Liberty Club #2


Acrylic and water-based oil

Enrique Chagoya

Students shooting a project

Nesting Nautilus


Laser-cut plywood

John Edmark