Printmaking Lab

The Printmaking Lab is located in the Thomas Welton Stanford Art Gallery Building

  • Introduction


    A spacious, well-lit studio supports a full range of activity in lithography, intaglio, monotype, and woodcut. Classes each quarter typically concentrate on one or two processes. Students may concentrate on a single process in depth through independent study.


    The studio is known for its impressive collection of stones as large as 36” x 48”. An electrolytic etching system allows the studio to minimize use of potentially toxic materials.



    Images of Student Work


The interior ofHagia Sophia, Istanbul

6th century and later addition


Photo credit: Werner Forman / Art Resources, NY

Favela in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Robert Dawson

Off the Charts: the Song-Poem Story

A film by Jamie Meltzer

Courtesy: Joshua Forney



Acrylic on Shaped Canvas

Matt Kahn